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I went to Cambridge Art School for five years in the early sixties where I studied graphics, which led me to work for the Readers Digest Special Books as a book designer.

Sixteen years on, as an Art Editor, I left to become the Art Director of a small studio near Saffron Walden designing packaging for supermarkets. Five years after that I set up my own design practice, called Rockwell Design Consultancy. After running this business for fifteen years I retired in 2010 from graphics to start a new life as a potter.

With this type of background it is no surprise that a major influence on my work is graphic design. It could be said that it is graphic design meeting ceramic art.

All my work is hand-built (not a wheel in sight). I start each sculpture/pot with a design sketched out, rolling out the clay and then either laying it on a form or pushing it into a mould and then I start preparing the surface decoration. Because of the handbuilt nature of my potting the shapes are a little irregular and filled with the tell-tale signs of the hand of the artist, thereby giving them plenty of character.

Recently I have been concentrating on working in themed areas such as the River of Life, Mantlepiece vases, Friends and Family, Victoriana and Rustic forms, all punctuated with the occasional one-off sculptural pieces. My main objective throughout my potting activities is to create styles that have an individuality and meaning.