Rockwell Pottery was set up in 2009 by Annie and Ian Evans as a retirement project. Both Annie and Ian come from creative backgrounds, Ian in graphics and Annie in book illustration. Pottery is their way of being creative without the commercial pressures.

The pottery studio is situated on the ground floor of their house in the rural town of Saffron Walden in North Essex, not far from Cambridge.

Their work can be found in local selected shops, galleries and exhibitions. From 2016 they will be opening their studio in July as part of the Cambridge Open Studios which will allow the public to meet Ian and Annie and to see how it is all done.

Ian and Annie are closely associated with Anglian Potters and display their work in both of their selling exhibitions in Cambridge, in the summer at Emmanuel College and at Christmas in All Saints Church, Jesus Lane. Rockwell Pottery's emphasis is on original designs covered in surface relief patterns and textures. These are achieved by pushing the stoneware clay into plaster moulds made from carved clay or pressing handmade stamps into rolled clay. Whilst the range of work is wide, there is a cohesive character due to the high firing temperature of the stoneware clay and the use of subtle colours in the glazing.

Rockwell Pottery has changed a lot since it started up. It has move away from simple pots into highly decorative ware with a lot more sculptural work.

Pedestal dish “River of life“ Victoriana

Pedestal dish “River of life“ Victoriana

Ian & Annie Evans
1 Farmadine Court, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3HT
01799 525059